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Ancient Times

  Yes, I'll admit I have a thing for old cities. It just makes me think of how time passes and changes everything. And, of course, they make me feel an immense curiosity for past civilizations. If you are like me, and wish for a time machine to already exist, then you have to visit someday these two ancient cities:

- Pompeii,  Italy

Ruins of the City of Pompeii
     The city of Pompeii has a tragic story.  People first came to live there for its fertile soil, but the city ended up buried in ashes after the eruption of  Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. What makes the Ruins of what was one day a Roman city intriguing is the preservation of these Roman structures. Tourist can visit homes, Gardens and even see some Graffitis on the wall. It can really become an intimate place when you hear the stories behind this City of Ashes. 
Artist Creation of the Old City of Pompeii

- Petra, Jordan
Petra, The Lost City of Stone
         In the middle of the deserts of Jordan lies the lost city of Petra. Built around the 6th century BC, Petra, once a lively city, was left forgotten by the outside world until 1812. When we talk about ancient times, this town is as old as it can get.  The overwhelming buildings and monuments in the middle of the cliffs, the silent city that rises in the middle of nowhere makes this inspiring journey worthwhile. Unfortunately, This dessert city  has been threatened due to erosion and  improper rainwater drainage, so if you want to visit it, do it as soon as possible. 
Inside of the City
Petra from Above

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